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Leader Covers

Trailerable Boat Covers Black

Trailerable Boat Covers Black

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Leader Covers Boat Covers made of marine grade polyester canvas with double PU Coating. This heavy duty boat cover fits V-Hull, Tri-Hull, Runabout with 2.5m wind buckle, adjustable straps with quick-release buckles and elastic cord sewn into entire bottom hem provides a tight and Custom Fit. The entire boat cover is made of precision two-thread stitching, absolutely enough firm and solid at the seams. Designed for both long-term storage, mooring and highway travel. A canvas storage bag keeps the cover and straps in a tidy spot when no in use.


  • Model A - Length:14'-16' Beam width: up to 114" (90”) (Fit V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O) and aluminum bass boats with beam width to 114”)
  • Model B - Length:16'-18' Beam width: up to 118" (94”) (Fit fish and ski boats and pro-style bass boats with beam width to 118”)
  • Model C - Length:17'-19' Beam width: up to 118" (96”) (Fit V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O) with beam width to 118”)
  • Model D - Length:20'-22' Beam width: up to 102" (100”) (Fit V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O) with beam width to 102”)
Trailerable Boat Covers

*In order to choose the right size cover, you must measure your boat firstly!*

  1. Measure the center line length.(Straight measurement from bow to stern, not includes the motor, make sure include tolerance for excessive bow rail heights, trolling motors, ladders, and transom platforms etc., do NOT to measure up and over the windshield)
  2. Measure the beam width.(Straight measurement for the widest distance across the boat, flat line from side to side at the widest point on the hull. Do NOT measure up and over the windshield).
  3. Check the size chart; select the best size closed to your boat lengt and beam width. Move up to the next size if your measurement falls on maximum length.

RECOMMENDATION: When it comes to WATERPROOF, make sure to use Boat Cover Support to extend the life of your boat cover by preventing water from pooling on top.

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